Brand Portfolio

I work with business owners and creatives of all kinds to show their work at its very best. I’ve styled artisan bakers, writers, artists, florists, and even other photographers. Armed with these photos, they have the confidence to show the world who they are and what they do.

A library of stunning images will reveal your specialist knowledge, boost your authority and attract the right audience to grow your business.

Below is a collection of my work with recent clients. Have a browse through and feel free to get in touch for a free discovery call to discuss how brand photography can help you. 

Gallery Images
Fountain of Youth Gallery Image
Gallery Image My Flower Patch
Gallery Image My Flower Patch
Gallery Image My Flower Patch

Suzy made me feel so relaxed and I have some wonderful photographs not only of my work but of me too. I would not hesitate to use Suzy again.

Sally - Sally Potter Designs